Tire Servicing

Getting into the habit of continually checking your tire pressure can greatly improve your driving habits. Not enough air tires use more gas and hurt your car’s fuel economy, while overloaded tires can reduce your handling and put you and others on the road at greater risk.

Therefore, check when the tires are cold and have not been used recently. To properly manage tire pressure, you first need to determine the recommended amount for your vehicle. This pressure number can be used to compare with your current setup, which you can measure with a tire gauge. If your device is not properly tilted, there are some easy ways to make the right adjustments.

You must drive to the nearest gas station to increase the pressure to use their air compressor. If you are comfortable using them yourself, remove the stem caps from the airless tires and use the compressor for the correct weight. To reduce air pressure, press the needle in the center of the valve with the pen and wait for it to reach the recommended amount.

Take care of your tires, and they will last longer! Unfortunately, this is something that drivers often forget. We recommend that all drivers are aware of three main areas of maintenance:

tire pressure

The weight of your tires can vary based on many different factors, including weather and mileage. Over-inflation and under-inflation can affect vehicle handling, fuel economy, and overall safety.


 Tire rotation

Some drivers are unaware of the uneven expense of tires on their cars. However, your driving style can have a huge impact on how your tires wear. To optimize your tires and improve overall handling and performance, we recommend all riders to rotate their tires regularly.


tire repair

Nothing is more infuriating than driving over a nail and puncturing a tire. This is inconvenient and risky. Of course, you have a spare, but this is only a temporary solution. Take your vehicle to our service center; our staff knows everything about tires. We can explain the real problem and provide a plan to solve it most cost-effectively and safely possible. As well as repairing the problem, our team will advise you on how to avoid future problems and avoid the further need for repairs.