Muffler Repair

Mufflers are an important part of the exhaust system and are designed to control engine noise. This cylindrical part connects to the exhaust and filters loud, explosive noises from the engine. If you look at the back of the exhaust system, the muffler is a round box-like structure that includes a set of inner tubes designed to reflect sound waves back and forth to reduce noise. Even if you're not quite sure how a muffler works, you'll definitely know when it's not. A damaged muffler usually goes unnoticed.

Muffler Service & Repair

The most common symptom of muffler damage is a significant increase in exhaust sound. When you turn the engine on, you may notice loud noises, ridges, vibrations, and noticeable growl or roars.

When the muffler is damaged, it doesn’t work, and a strange sound starts coming from the engine through the exhaust. This results in the high evacuation that can actually violate local noise and sound regulations.

Other signs of muffler damage include rattle while driving, increased fuel consumption, and engine misalignment.

An engine breakdown occurs when the engine produces scary sounds and jerky movements when starting the vehicle. In addition, damage to any part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, such as the muffler hole, can cause the engine to stop.

So if you experience any of these signs of muffler damage, contact Speedy Muffler immediately. Our technicians are well trained and experienced in muffler repair and replacement. And the way we repair your muffler depends on age and damage, but we are ready and qualified for repairs that range from minor to complex.

Custom Aftermarket Muffler Solutions

Black Widow Muffler

When it comes to customization, we provide the best parts, high-quality equipment. Besides, our highly trained experts take care of your muffler system. We specialize in mufflers and exhaust systems and can provide custom options such as:

  • Aftermarket custom mufflers
  • Exhaust & muffler silencers
  • Racing exhaust & mufflers
  • Muffler deletes
  • Muffler sound tests
  • Custom exhaust systems

Finding the best muffler for the vehicle is a matter of fit, type, and construction. We have premium quality brands available, including Black Widow, Flowmaster Flowpro, Magnaflow, and Pacesetter. Our experts can help you choose the perfect muffler or custom exhaust option, taking into account the following factors:

Whether your car has a single exhaust system or dual exhaust system.

If you demand a straight-through, turbo, or chambered muffler.

If you need aluminized steel or stainless steel.

There are many factors to consider when customizing a muffler – if you have any questions, please contact the Speedy Muffler team.

We’re The Experts!

Looking for the best muffler but not sure how it sounds? The team at Speedy Muffler offers a muffler sound test to hear how different mufflers are doing on your vehicle before you buy! Contact us for more information.

Our name says it all! Speedy Muffler understands mufflers, and we can repair and replace them just as you and your vehicle need. If you have any questions or concerns about the muffler or any other part of the exhaust system, please contact us or come along for more information.