The connection between a battery and the electrical equipment it powers is relatively complex and depends on the correct operation of several components: the battery, alternator, and ignition module.

How to tell if your vehicle is having battery trouble ?

Many factors can stress your car’s battery and its surrounding components, causing wear and tear and eventually performance loss. Besides, bad weather and driving conditions can also affect your battery’s performance, which often results in more frequent servicing of a battery and ignition module.

It’s no secret that various features in some modern vehicles can make your car battery deteriorate or charge faster. Also, entertainment systems, advanced engine fault detection systems, and luxury equipment all put a lot of stress on your car’s battery.

Degrading performance or even complete failure of your vehicle’s electrical accessories is often the first sign that something is wrong with your battery. For example, main dimming or flashing lights and interior lights and/or warning lights on the appliance panel indicates a problem with your battery or one of its associated components.

Battery diagnosis and repair

Luckily, we are located at 101-118 East Lake BLVD NE Airdrie, AB. The name Speedy Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires has been a well-trusted and locally operated repair and service center. Our workshop is well-equipped to grip any aspect of battery and ignition diagnostics and repairs.

Whether in need of an alternator repair or test, troubleshooting, battery/load test, replacement alternator or battery, or any other vehicle repair, contact our team to have your battery packs fully inspected, repaired or replaced for peace of mind.

Our large car repair centers have enough space, equipment, and specialists in repairing most battery issues while you wait. In addition, we believe in clear communication and honest diagnosis, so you’ll know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle and how best to fix it.

Mechanics at Speedy Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires are professionally trained in complete servicing and repair of vehicle batteries, charging, and starter systems. If there is a problem with any of your vehicle’s charging and starting components systems, visit our car repair shop or contact us immediately. Our trained staff  will be happy to help you get on the road safely.

Services we offer:

Alternator Tensioner

Alternator Testing

Alternator Troubleshooting

Battery Replacement

Battery Testing

Battery Troubleshooting

Starter Replacement

Alternator Repair

Alternator Replacement

Alternator Belt

Battery Load Test

Battery Maintenance

Battery Charge

Starter Relay

Starter Repair

Ignition Switch


Useful tips

To ensure stress-free driving, always check the battery. The electrical accuracy of the alternator and the starter should also be tested. Clean up any corrosion at the battery terminals (or ask your garage to do so) and make sure all connections are tight at the start of the season.