Suspension Lift Kits

Take your car performance and handling to the maximum with a custom suspension kit upgrade! If you want to improve your vehicle's performance, handling, and comfort, a hanging lift or leveling kit is your first choice. Adding a suspension lift to your vehicle can customize and improve your vehicle with larger tires, exhaust and tailings, larger engines, better drive trains, and more. There are two leading options when considering a vehicle lift:

Leveling kits: 

As the name implies, leveling kits balance vehicle clearing. The rear ends of some SUVs tend to be taller than the front end for towing purposes. The leveling pack lifts the front end to level with the lower back. Typically, this adds 3 inches of clearance.

Lift kits:

While leveling kits are specific to the front of the vehicle, lift kits increase clearance throughout the vehicle. With a lift kit, you decide how much height increases. Most standard kits provide up to 10 inches of lift, and the type of kit that works best for you depends on how you plan to customize your vehicle, how much you want spend, and how you want your vehicle to look. The possibilities are boundless!

Speedy Muffler offers the highest quality aftermarket parts, all stocked on-site. We offer a fast and affordable lifting kit and installation of a leveling kit, you have to wait, and you’re done. Our team has years of experience with suspension lifts and other aftermarket performance components, so you can be assured the installation is done correctly.

If you want to install a special suspension kit or have questions about how this and other aftermarket parts can improve your vehicle’s performance, our team can help. So give us a call or visit our service center today!