DPF & EGR Deletes

The main performance upgrades available for diesel engine is EGR and DPF deletes. These aftermarket kits remove factory-installed components that limit diesel engine performance and fuel economy. The two most common removal toolkits are EGR deletes and DPF deletes.

EGR Deletes

EGR means Exhaust Gas Recirculation, an engine system that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from a vehicle. Although EGR can limit the amount of exhaust gas released into the atmosphere, it actually increases the amount of soot in the engine. This reduces engine efficiency by up to 3%, leading to a 3% increase in fuel consumption to maintain the same power.

Other EGR-related problems include valve sticking, cylinder leaks, cracked engine components, and coolant issues, to name a few.

DPF Deletes

DPF is Diesel Particulate Filter and is a filter that captures and stores exhaust particles (mainly carbon) to reduce diesel emissions. But unfortunately, DPF can also have a big impact on your engine. In fact, DPF can reduce vehicle fuel economy by up to 30%!

As the DPF, like all filters, is a filter, it tends to clog over time. When this occurs, you will notice a significant drop in the performance of the already limited vehicle. While you can clean the DPF, it is not always practical or affordable. In some cases, the DPF can become so frustrating that it must be replaced. That alone can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, a clogged DPF can cause serious engine damage when left unrepaired.

Many drivers install DPF Elimination to increase horsepower, performance, and torque. With these packages fitted, drivers will notice a significant increase in power, fuel mileage, and engine life.

So if you want to learn more about how these and other performance upgrades can help your vehicle? Talk to an expert at Speedy Muffler today!