Brakes are certainly one of the most important systems in a car. You never know when you'll have to hit the brakes because of an accident while you're driving. Besides, brake failure is the last thing any driver would want. Therefore, brake service holds significant importance. .

Signs that your brakes need servicing include:

  • A spongy feeling when you depress the brake pedal
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel when braking
  • Grinding, metal on metal sounds while driving – this indicates there is serious damage
While worn out brakes are an obvious safety issue, few drivers realize that they impact your mileage and performance as well. Regardless of how well you look after your vehicle, brakes, brake pads, and shoes all eventually wear out. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections are the best ways to ensure your brakes remain in top condition.

Our brake services

Our skilled technicians at Speedy Muffler provide the brake repair, replacement, and maintenance services:


  • Brake repair for Disc, ABS, parking, and emergency brakes
  • Brake servicing (Front & Rear)
  • Brake checks, replacements, maintenance, and adjustments
  • Fluid flushes, changes, and bleeding
  • Brake lines overhaul and replacement
  • Brake rotor/drum replacement
  • Brake pad/shoe replacement
  • Top Quality brakes
  • Customized brake kits

Whether you’ve been experiencing symptoms of failing brakes or looking to have some routine maintenance done, our technicians can help! Speedy Muffler provides the full spectrum of brake system diagnosis and repair services quickly, professionally, and at an affordable rate.

Whether you experience brake symptoms failing or plan to do some routine maintenance, we can help! Speedy Muffler provides a full range of brake system diagnostic and repair services quickly and professionally at an affordable price.