Tire Sales

Every part of the vehicle has a purpose, but one area that is often overlooked is tires. Giving your car the right tires can improve your fuel economy, handling, and overall safety. Read on to learn about the importance of tires and some tips for choosing the right tire.

New Tires & Installation

After a time, due to the number of damaged locations, the tires cannot be repaired, and eventually, all the tires wear out and need to be replaced. Therefore, head over to the Speedy Muffler when you need a new set of tires. Our experts can help you choose the best brand, model, and size of tires that best suit your vehicle, driving habits, and road conditions. We use top-quality equipment, premium products, and our experienced technicians ensure your tires are installed quickly and accurately at an affordable price. Besides, tires from our warehouse can generally be recovered within an hour.

Winter Tires & Tire Swaps

Winter tires are engineered to maximize your vehicle’s grip in the winter to help your vehicle navigate the snowy roads and mud. In addition, such tires prevent collisions because your vehicle runs safer and more confident. See below for a list of our winter tire services:

New Tires (Winter):

We stock a selection of winter tires from premium brands like Hankook Tire, Cooper Tire, Yokohama, and more!

Seasonal Tire Swaps: 

Don’t wait for the right time to swap your summer tires with winter tires. We can accommodate a tire swap within 24-48 hours.

Tire Studding: 

In order to provide extra grip in winter, we offer tire studding for winter tires. Call us for more updates.

Irrespective of what tires you are looking for, Speedy Muffler’s can help you with expertise in all aspects of tire care. So contact us now and avail of professional tire services and advice.