A properly functioning cooling system is critical to engine health, and many common engine failures can be traced to overheating caused by a leaked or contaminated coolant, a damaged cooling fan, or a radiator drop. At Speedy Muffler Radiator Brakes & Tires, we understand the importance of a properly functioning radiator and cooling system to extend the life of your vehicle, and we encourage you to stop by our convenient car repair shop.

Our services

At Speedy Muffler, our team has years of experience dealing with all cooling system of all types. Also, we give the best advice on how to keep your cooling system and radiator functioning for longer period and extend the overall life of the vehicle.

We are second to none when it comes to cooling systems.  We identity the real problem and give our customers advice on how they can perform preventative measures to keep the cooling system of their car in the perfect condition for a long time.

Locally owned and operated Speedy Muffler is one of the most trusted cooling repair shops with many long-term customers who praise our professional and honest work ethics.

Speedy Muffler provides a full range of repair services for your automotive cooling system needs on domestic and foreign vehicles. Our Mechanics at 101-118 East Lake BLVD NE Airdrie, AB Auto Service Center are certified and trained to fully diagnose and repair your vehicle cooling system issues for peace of mind at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Before any repairs we give an estimated repair cost for your peace of mind!

Our Services include:

Coolant Reservoir Tank

Coolant Temperature Sensor


Coolant Thermostat


Heater Core Repair


Heater Hose


High Performance Radiators


Radiator Hoses


Radiator Leaks


Radiator Pumps


Water Pump Gaskets


Water Pump Hose


Water Pump Leaks


Coolant Change (Flush)


Coolant Filter


Coolant Pump


Cooling Fan Repair


Heater Core Flush


Heater Core Leaks


Radiator Cap


Radiator Coolant


Radiator Cooling Fan


Coolant Change (Flush)


Radiator Thermostat


Water Pump Belt