Air Conditioning

There's nothing more annoying than climbing into a car on a hot day, only to discover that your air conditioning system is injecting hot air out of the vents. If you do not properly maintain your air conditioning system, it has to work harder to cool your vehicle. This leads to expense and increased maintenance costs. At Speedy Muffler, our experts offer you air conditioning service and repair so you can enjoy driving on hot summer days without overheating.

Working of Air-conditioning

You will be surprised to know that a vehicle’s air conditioning system does not technically produce cold air. Actually, it removes heat and moisture from the air already in the vehicle. Air conditioning systems has a refrigerant that passes through a condenser.

The condenser acts as a radiator, allowing liquid refrigerant to come into contact with fresh air. This refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, blows fresh and cold air through the vents and cools your vehicle.

Mostly, people assume that summers are the only time to pay attention to vehicle’s air conditioning system, but they shall be cautious in the winters too. As the AC system dries the air in the car by removing moisture, it can be used to effectively and quickly deice the windows in the winters.

When to Repair the AC System ?

While it is recommended that you maintain your vehicle air conditioning system regularly, it is also important to be aware of the signs that a service is required.

If the AC system is not working properly, you may possibly notice the following:

  •   Hot air blowing despite the system is set to cool
  •   Varying temperature.
  •   Failure to cool the car, even when working.
  •   Odd noises
  •   Less air blowing through the vents than normal
  •   Old, mossy or damp smell of vents.

How to Diagnose ?

When you bring your vehicle to our highly-trained technicians at Speedy Muffler’s, we will use our knowledge and expertise to pinpoint exactly where the issues with the AC system lie. More often than not, your vehicle is low on refrigerant or needs an AC recharge on the system. This is the first issue we will look for in hopes that the repair is quick and easy.

We use our knowledge and expertise to identify the problem with your air conditioning system. Typically, your vehicle is running low on a refrigerant or requires AC recharge.

However, sometimes air conditioning issues are more complex. To identify and diagnose problems, we may charge the system and use UV dye to detect any leakage. If found, they will be patched and repaired. If the problem is not a leak, we may check your A / C compressor clutch for engagement, check for a loose compressor belt, or check if your A / C condenser needs cleaning.

Besides, the problem does not necessarily exist in the system. The air may be cold, but the flow is weak or inconsistent. In this case we examine other areas including the cabin filter, blower motor or if required blend door.

AC System Recharging

Some people are compelled to recharge the AC system at home with a kit to save money on repairs. However, this shall be done with extreme care, as it might do more harm than good. Charging kits found in stores may use a propane gas that is not compatible with the refrigerant your air conditioning system requires.

Using such recharging kits can cause more damage and complications. Since the kits claim to fill small leaks, they can plug important areas of the A/C system, like various valves.

At the end of the day, these home repairs can cost more than it would cost to get a professional technician to do the job. If you are

What We Offer ?

Speedy Muffler offers a full range of air conditioning diagnostics and repairs for all makes and models of vehicle. Whether there’s a leak or your system simply isn’t cooling how it used to, our team can help keep you cool in the warm summer months.

Speedy Muffler offers various air conditioning diagnostics and repair services for all types and models of vehicles. Whether it’s a leak or your system is not cooling the way it used to be, our team can help you stay cool on warm summer days.