Performance Upgrades

Explore your vehicle's power and performance with Speedy Muffler's personal performance upgrades. We've included a host of performance upgrades to improve the overall driving experience, from better acceleration to better fuel economy.

Unlock your vehicle’s real potential

First, we will install the latest computer chip, tuner, or programmer to upgrade and reprogram your onboard computer system. This allows us to unlock its full potential and push it beyond standard factory performance levels. This alone increases horsepower and torque maximizes fuel injection and efficiency, and gains greater traction capacity and consistent throttle control.

Now that your vehicle’s computer system has been upgraded, you can talk to our technicians about available aftermarket and performance upgrades. These can include:

Once your vehicle’s computer system has been upgraded, you can discuss the aftermarket available and boost performance with our technicians. These may include:

  • DPF & EGR deletes
  • Custom exhaust stacks and systems
  • Large wheels
  • Suspension and lift kits
  • Free flow exhaust
  • Headers
  • Highflow x-pipes
  • Air intake systems
  • Cat backs
  • And more!

Our experts can help you choose the best parts to augment your car’s performance by keeping it safe and street legal, all this within your budget.